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  Mom: for me, your black hair is white and painstaking. Today is your holiday, mom, thank you! You've been working hard! I will do all I can to repay you my dearest mother!


  Although we live the most insipid life, mother love is permeated with a little bit of life. In the mother's festival, bless all the mothers of the world happy and happy!


  To play a spring waltz for you, I hope you will be happy forever; give you a bunch of carnations and wish you health. Your happiness is the pursuit of my life, I love you, mom!


  You are a tree, leaning against the spring of your imagination, summer, leaning against you lush, fall against you mature, winter musters your meditation, I leaned on your happiness.


  Miss, full of affectionate sky! Pray, in this beautiful season! Happiness, mother's selfless love! Wish: dear mother's life, health, health, happy mother's Day!


  Heaven, no mother's love is vast, and there is no mother's love and tolerance. The sun has no mother's love and warmth. On this special day of mother's day, I wish you and your mother healthy and happy.


  I look up at the starry sky, stars on my blinking, like your loving eyes. On your holiday, I told you by short message: I love you, mom!


  Listen to the happiness in the ears of the nagging, see the joy in the knee before the dance; listen to happy laughter in the side, look in front of good health. Mother's day, may you be happy!


  Xie Nici gave me life, you taught me the truth in life, no matter how in the future, I will always love you! In this festival, I wish you a happy holiday and always be happy!


  The greatest love in the world is mother's love, from ancient to modern times, all love and love, selfless pay and good expectation. Today I want to wish the mother of the world a happy holiday!


  Mother: since you will position itself in the role as an understanding wife and loving mother later, he worked hard day and night, so that they have no time to care too much of the festival, I wish you a happy mother's day.


  On the mother's day, I'll send you carefully picked carnations. I wish my mother good health. Thank you for your support and love. I want to say that there is only mom in the world. My mother is the best.


  Always hope that happiness surrounds you; always expects happiness to embrace you; always expect health to be with you; always hope to do more for you. Bless you and my most loved one.


  As a mother, you are the pride of your mother; as a mother, you are the pride of your daughter; as a wife, you are the pride of your husband; as a friend, you are my pride. I wish you a happy mother's Day!


  On Mother's day, the son wishes her mother to be healthy and beautiful forever, and everything goes smoothly, no flowers, no gifts, only sons' deep blessing.


  Mother's day, we shout to the mountain: mother, I love you! We shouted to the river, "Mom, I love you!" We go to my mother: Mom, I love you!


  Mother, you will always be my heart's harbor, I wish my dear mother healthy and happy! This world is always so tender, only you. Thank you, mom!


  The first time I saw you, I have decreed by fate stick on you, the mother line, wandering clothing, leaving thick seam, Italy has to fear, who grass inch heart, reported in the apartments.


  For us, the greatest happiness is that we have the understanding of our parents. I have been happy and never lost. So on your birthday, I want to say "thank you" to you.


  The fish can not leave the water, the flower can not leave the seedling; the branch can not leave the root, the child can not leave the mother. Only the mother is good, the mother is the greatest. Happy mother's Day!


  Maternal love, an undescribable great, noble and admirable, mother, an undescribable profession, silent and eternal; happy mother's day, always young and healthy!


  Dear mother: you have used your solid arm to hold up a blue sky for me, and now, I will also use my increasingly plump wings to shield you from the wind and rain. Mom, I'll love you forever!


  In this special festival, I sincerely wish my mother a happy holiday! A sound of your hard work! Mom, your arms are the warmest! No matter how far I go, my heart will always be attached to you.


  You sow the sun for me, and you will stop the rain for me. On the way of growing up, people are concerned about how high I fly. Only you care about me and not tired. Mother's day, I wish mom a happy holiday!


  Happy thing to chat with her, proud thing to her a Yao Yao, the success of the thing to her a newspaper reported, trivial thing to her chatter chatter, mother's day, don't forget to hold her.


  Mom, mom, thank you for raising me. When you grow up, because you are no longer afraid of wind and rain, and grow up, because you are no longer afraid of failure, and wish your mother good health and happy holidays.


  Collect the ballad that you sang for me in childhood, turn into happiness to give you, collect the hard work that you have paid for me for years, become sweet to you. Mother's day, may you be happy!


  Thousands of mothers use their weak shoulders to support the development of human beings; with sweet milk, the civilization of human beings is nurtured. On the arrival of mother's day, wish the mother of the world to be happy and healthy.


  Love is the mother to child dressing; love is the door feeling around; love is gentle and generous palm; love is singing mother asleep. Happy mother's holiday!


  Without water, seeds can't germinate. Without flowers, flowers can't be opened. Without mother, I can't grow.


  If I am a rich man, you are the mother of a millionaire. If I am president, you are the president's mother. No matter what the future is going to do, you are my favorite: Mom!


  Mother, today is your festival, from three sincerely wishes: I wish you peace and health; two wish you good; three wish you happiness forever!


  My sky, you give up; my life, is you to create; my future, also you give. Mother's Day is coming, mom, you have paid too much for me, I thank you!


  Around the world the best salt, the world mother's kiss. The only thing that can give me life in the world is you, my mother. I will love you all my life!


  I would like to send this special greeting to you on this special day: mothers, please be patient and wait for the birth of your baby. Mother's Day is also your holiday. Happy holidays!


  Mom, you are giving me life and nurturing my growing land, I love you deeply. Mom, I thank you for giving me life, you taught me to be a man, and I love you forever!


  Thousands of miles away, waiting for the mother; thousands of miles, the mother in the guaqian. The mother is worried about the mother. Mother's Day is coming, and may the mother be happy, healthy and long life.


  You kindly told me that I do not know how to cherish, and once you are not around me, I know you are valuable to me. Mom, I hope you are safe and happy every day.


  Let us give our mother a little love and care, that is a fan in the heat of the heat; a sweater in the cold winter, let the mother always feel the care of the children.


  The flowers bloom my worries, the spring flows away my yearning, the sunshine spreads your kindness, the gentle breeze brings your kindness; on Mother's day, I'll invite you: mother is auspicious.


  Home is a warm harbor, love is sweet boat, whether to join the north or south, on Mother's day, I miss the sincere wishes, wishes mother longevity and health smile every day.


  When mother's day comes, I will do for my mother a bouquet of white carnations, and I see the petals of red blood, is that I miss the mother's tears.


  Numerous hills and streams stop my missing for you close, time and again to express me to your thanks, cannot describe your hardships thousands and thousands of words.


  A mother's smile is like a gentle spring breeze that blows my face. Her mother's smile is like a continuous drizzle that moistens my heart; the mother's smile is like a beautiful sunshine, shining on my life.


  Happiness is health. If my blessing can bring you a healthy source, I wish to pray for you day and night. Mother, mother's day child, I wish you more.


  You often give me warm eyes. You often say that happy health is a gift for a child. So today, I send a smile, warm your heart. Mother's Day is your everlasting holiday.


  The sky fluttering colorful flags, the roof flashing countless lamp, your romantic and peaceful chanting of the mulberry smoke, and I pray to Sambo, happy mother's day. May the Buddha bless you safe and sound!


  Although we live the most insipid life, mother love is permeated with a little bit of life. In the mother's holiday, all the mothers in the world are happy and happy. Always young!


  There is a kind of love, called selflessness; there is a kind of forgiveness, that is forgiveness; there is a support that is called giving; a profound and broad maternal love, let's pray that our mother will have a good health and longevity.


  There is a word that does not get tired of shouting everyday, because it grows with me, and there is a word that will not change every year, because her love for me will never change. That word is mother.


  May my blessing be like a flower, always blooming in this warm harvest season, and always embellish the joy and joy for you. Mom, happy mother's Day!


  Mom, your arms give me warm your heart, my Guaqian, your smile with me to grow, to teach you to struggle, today is mother's day, I wish you forever health, longevity and health.


  Every mother's Day wish you forever young, even your growing hair full step of shoes increasingly faltering, I will always have a young mother. I wish my mother a happy holiday!


  It is difficult to raise children. When I am a mother, I understand your love for me. In this special day, I want to tell you that I love you!


  While the flowers open, while the time is early, while the sun shines, while the heart is still high, while the mother is not old, while the festival day, wish all mothers life, good luck, good health!


  I have never been able to express my feelings in front of you. Today, I want to say a short message by a short message: my dear mother: the child loves you forever! Happy mother's day.


  Created "Mom", Sunday is mother's day, thank my aunt before N, gave birth to you, let me have your good friend today, I wish aunt good health, happy mother's Day!


  The great is my mother's ordinary is me, the kindness is my mother naughty is me, the mobile phone fee is my mother sent text message is me. Haha, mom is very nice. Happy mom and mother's Day!


  The hard work of your life, although you have silver hair like snow, but you in my mind is still so young and beautiful! Mom, I wish you always young and happy! Happy mother's Day!


  There is a sea, that is the mother's bosom, there is a pure land, that is the mother's heart, in the face of that familiar and kind face, you will often see the mother's tearful smile.


  Mother's love is a cradle. To cultivate oneself to flourish and flourish, motherly love is a folk song, singing, solidarity and spreading civilization. Motherhood is a monument, engraved in the past and enlightened the future.


  The slightest hair children debt, but deep marks. Mom, for many years I have let you suffer, send you a carnation, I wish my blessing will always accompany you, I wish you a healthy and long life.


  Do you often say, children's happiness is the best gift, today I put all the happiness and joy with messages parcel to you, wish you good health and happiness!


  Mother, I love you from the deep soul, I would like to give your life to you, how much you accept, it was so, and now it will never change. Happy mother's Day!


  A love, like a shadow, accompanied by me; a kind of love, meticulous, accompanied me; a heart, care to add, care of me. My dear mother, I wish you a happy mother's Day!


  Your mother's teachings make you grow up not bad. Your mother's care makes you cute now. Your mother's care makes you very handsome. Mom, I decided to bless your mother today's happy holidays.


  I wish you a happy wish to wish you a happy and continuous wish. I wish you a wonderful feeling and wish you all things round, and send a short message to you.


  Write a warm poem, sing a moving song, draw a fresh picture for the great mother of the world, and wish all the mothers in the world can be happy and healthy.


  Miss is a season of flower fragrance, overflowing the valley, covering you; blessing is the love of the eyes, overflow my eyes, until the bottom of your heart. I wish you health, happiness and happiness.


  I think of it as carnation, and you get not only flowers. More is my concern to you in the blessing! May you be healthy and happy forever! Dear mother, happy mother's Day!


  Mom, the wrinkles on your face are just a place to smile. In my mind, you are always the most beautiful. I wish you a happy festival, healthy and happy!


  Mother's care is like the rainbow in the air after the rain. It's gorgeous and colorful. Mother's care is like the cool breeze in summer, bringing you cool and cool, and the mother's concern.


  Mother, you are the big river, take my boat to the other side. Mother you are an umbrella and protect me when I am in trouble. My mother, you are a book, has taught me the truth of being a man.


  Mother's day, I wish you good health, eat good luck, do well Shun. Wish you everything, every year at ease, comfortable, happy every day, forever childlike innocence.


  Mother's love is a crutch in difficulties. When you stumble, help you find a good center of gravity and support a field of hope. Mother, you are the big river, take my boat to the other side.


  Mother's day, love mom, call home! I love mom, often go home! Love mom, talk with mom! Love God, don't let mother worry! Love the mother, mother honor more!


  Who gave me life, who is where I grew up, that is my mother. You give me all the love you always put me in mind in the heart. Dear mother, happy mother's Day!


  Do you have a mirror, if you believe that your beauty in a dump, but I love your heart, rather than your appearance. Happy mother's Day!


  Love is like the sea, Hold infinity, a mother's love is like a day, immense, blessing all the earth mother, and my mother, happy mother's Day!


  Mom! You are the pride of my life! It was not until the mother had been deeply aware that the mother was not easy. I deeply wish you all the health! The words in the heart are not in the words!