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  Hope to say to the mother in such a festival: mother, you are hard, son in the life of life, will be filial to you old, happy mother's Day!


  We give mother a little love and care, that is a fan in the heat of the heat, a sweater in the cold winter, let mother always feel the care of the children.


  The sky fluttering colorful flags, the roof flashing countless lamp, your romantic and peaceful chanting of the mulberry smoke, and I pray to Sambo, happy mother's day. May the Buddha bless you safe and sound!


  In your opinion, we are children who never grow up and worry about everything. Here I want to say to my dear mother, "I wish you good health, youth and happiness, every day!"


  Grace is like a mountain; love is deep like the sea; blood is thicker than water. In your festival, please accept my deepest wishes to you, mom, a happy holiday, I love you!


  The blue sky needs water washing; bright flowers need bees intimacy; the verdant mountain forest to the mountain nestling; gorgeous life needs mother's gift!


  Mother's Day is coming, I use the paper of mind to fold into the most beautiful carnation, to mother, I wish you happiness and peace! Thank you for raising me, mom, I love you.


  I have never been able to express my feelings in front of you. Today, I want to say a sentence by short message: my dear mother: I love you forever! Happy mother's day.


  The mother line, wandering clothing, leaving thick seam, Italy has to fear, who grass inch heart, reported in the apartments. On this special day, I want to tell you that I love you!


  Time portrays the face, the years are full of vicissitudes. Running for a lifetime, happiness infects the whole family. Mother's day, peace with the seasons!


  Through the trials of a long journey, no longer a teenager, seen amidst the winds of change; bitter sweet taste; no matter how far I go, you will always be my love; I wish my mother happy mother's day.


  Through the numerous hills and streams at times, human society confusion, after many groundless talk, only the mother's care sour, sweet, bitter, hot, never wavered. Today mother's day, mom, I wish you a happy holiday!


  Mother, you like the warm spring sunshine, like a woman your tree, let me shower in the bright spring, by the tree shade shelter, like the grass grow.


  In May the carnation, no elegant posture, no aromatic flavor, just a faint look, like a mother. Happy mom and mother's Day!


  If I am a big money, you are the mother of the big money. If I am a president, you are the president's mother. No matter what my way of life will be, I will always love you, mom!


  This year, mother's day does not give a gift, send a message to you. I wish you a good health and a long life. I wish you all good far away, don't worry. A child sacrifice.


  Although we live the most insipid life, mother love is permeated with a little bit of life. Mom, in the mother's holiday, I wish you happiness and happiness.


  Ah, mother's Day is coming, give you a reminder, remember to call your mother, set the bouquet for her, say you love her, do not forget to praise praise, let mother happy oh!


  Although the old saying "dear." today I want to say "thank you, mom! Although you are not easy to show, I know you have been caring about me all the time. Thank you, mom!


  Today is your holiday, in your world, you have been the old man, grasp the revolution, do production, our things you say! Happy mother's day, dear!


  2 love is a kind of enjoyment, in the near future, you are looking forward to a new life coming, you will be a mother and you are as great, happy mother's Day!


  Mother's day I want to use the heart of paper folds tricolor carnation - health and longevity of the pure love red, white, pink, beautiful young, for your mother, wish her healthy and happy christmas!


  Happiness is moved by sharing, and happiness is singing for you, because you will bring a life, and you will become a real mother. On this special day, I wish you health and happiness.


  Only mother is good, no day, no place, without you, no me, thank you for everything that you brought to me. I wish you a happy mother's Day!


  No one in the world loves me more than you; and there is no one in this world who can replace you in my heart. Mom, no matter where, I will always love you.


  Mother love like flowers, sweet fragrance, life together; mother love like the sea, broad and selfless, vast expanse; mother love like a spring, never stop, moisten the heart.


  Thank you, mom. When I stumble, you have been supporting me all the time. Today is your holiday, I sincerely wish you a happy holiday!


  The flowers in May are worried about me. I have many sincere words, I don't know how to express them. How much hard you have done for me for this family, bless you dear mother.


  Dear mother, you are the pillar of my growth, the starting point of my life, and my best teacher. Wish you longevity are not old pine, Rudong Fu water flows.


  My mother bathed in Springfield; thousands of miles, deep feeling mother's love. Bless my dear mother, always healthy and happy, and happy mother's day.


  There is a feeling called family affection. There is a kind of love called mother love. There is a kind of address called mother. When mother's Day is coming, all mothers in the world will live long and healthy.


  I wish you a happy wish to wish you a happy and continuous wish. I wish you a wonderful feeling and wish you all things round, and send a short message to you.


  Collect every wish, every hope, and give you a deep concern. In this season, give you my sincere blessings, and may happiness be around you. Happy mother's Day!


  As a mother, you are the pride of your mother; as a mother, you are the pride of your daughter; as a wife, you are the pride of your husband; as a friend, you are my pride. Wish mom happy and happy!


  Mother is the old age is your holiday today, in your world you and my world have been old, grasp the revolution, production, our things you say! Happy mother's day, dear!


  I am a bird flying out from under the eaves of the home, the growth of each feather are setting your earnest instructions. Deep blessings: Mommy, happy holiday!


  Mom: you've been working hard for over ten years! I hope to send my special greetings on this special day! I wish you a good health and a long life. Always young! Happy every day!


  If I am a big money, you are the mother of the big money. If I am a president, you are the president's mother. No matter what my way of life will be, I will always love you, mom!


  Mother: for my black hair white, painstaking effort. Today is your holiday, mom, thank you! You've been working hard! I will do all I can to repay you my dearest mother!


  You give my eyes to see the beauty of the world, give my hands to create a better future, to my feet to find the sweet love, you give me everything, mom. I love you!


  Today is mother's day, dear mother let me wish you happy everyday, longevity, such as Bai Changqing, Tupper worry. Leisurely as immortals, fairy send longevity, longevity Fukang Ning.


  I make the most beautiful carnation on the paper of my heart and give it to your mother on the occasion of mother's day. I wish her happiness and peace. Thank her for raising you and making you a friend of my life!


  No matter how far you go, whether you succeed or fail, in the eyes of the mother, you will always be her favorite child. In the mother's holiday, give my mother a greeting to a blessing.


  Mother is the man who gave birth to you in October. It is a man who supports you as you grow up. It's the person who sees your back with your eyes. It is the person who will always love you forever.


  I just mailed a present. I hope it will catch up with your mother's day. I wish you a very happy mother's day. I want to be able to share with you over there.


  Through the numerous hills and streams, watched the tide, sour, sweet, bitter, hot taste, always think you embrace the most warm! No matter how far I go, my heart will always be attached to it. Wish mother: Happy Mother's Day!


  My dear mother, you raised me and grew up. You taught me to love the country. You encouraged me to move forward, and you worry about it. Today, mother's day, I wish you happiness and happiness forever.


  A gentle blessings, a thousand words in the heart, a short message sent to my heartfelt greetings, mother wish you a healthy and happy!


  Nothing has been written for you, nor has it been said to you, but your concern and love for me is at heart. Mother, a happy mother's holiday!


  Today is mother's day. May you be always healthy and beautiful; everything is happy. No flowers, no gifts, only my deep blessings!


  Mother, I love you from the deep soul, I would like to give your life to you, how much you accept, it was so, and now it will never change.


  After so many years, I know deeply that the most loved one is you, mom. Innumerable yearning for the heart of infinite blessings, silently for you to pray, I wish you a healthy and happy!


  Do not be light and humble, and always remember it. What you give me is the power of life. Around the world, salt, all over the world, very good.


  Emergency notice: wife, in order to celebrate Mother's day, the unit organize everyone to see the movie, each person is limited to two tickets. Please receive the notice and get to the husband immediately after receiving the notice.


  The night is deep! Countless stars light up, write your name in the sky, when the pop is crossed, you can send my thoughts and blessings to you!


  I love my mother. How can I love her? When I want to do something that I like to do for her old man, I secretly laugh, when I think of her health, I want to cry.


  A hedge between keeps friendship green., so every holiday, I will not forget to send you a happy holiday. After I say it, I think it's mother's Day!


  Be shy again, and be courageous to express. When you are busy, you must also go home. Then you have to make a phone call in the distance. You can also send short messages to your mother.


  Your love and care, I remember every minute, every minute, your instruction is always in my body, your kindness is my forever root, I have grown up, and I love you more and more.


  In May the carnation, no peony, no 100 lotus aroma, just quietly exudes the fragrance gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind like a mother's love.


  Your wrinkles are my childhood. Your hand cocoon is the declaration of love. Your white hair is my sad heart. I send a wish with filial piety and worry, and wish my mother always healthy and safe.


  Mother's day has come, mother, I wish you a happy holiday, your happiness is my greatest happiness! Your happiness is my greatest joy! May you be happy forever!


  The only mother in the world is good. A damn child is like a grass. Put into the mother's arms. Happiness is there. Mother's Day is coming. Take time to accompany your parents.


  You are my mother, my friend, my confidant. The people who know me most in the world are you, you are the most important person in my life, I love you! Happy holiday!


  Your kind advice, I do not know how to cherish, once you are not in my side, I know you are valuable to me. Mother, I hope your adult does not remember the small person, safe and happy every day.


  Dear mother, I love you! Thank you for giving me life, thank you for giving me love! Wish you every day happy, happy, healthy!


  Tonight, you are so beautiful, my love, you are so charming tonight, my wife. I love you and my wife so much tonight. Happy holidays, I will do everything for you.


  Without you I would not, I would not have dozens of years of sadness, I have no seasons laughter, thank you for giving me life and growth. Happy mother's Day!


  If there are angels in the world, I believe that the person must be you. If the world is everlasting, I believe it is your selfless motherly love, dear mother, happy holidays!


  All the time, you are our father and Son Fuck broken heart, but sometimes we don't appreciate how. Now think, really: the wife is great, the child is his mother long live.


  You are like the earth, and you have no regrets to feed my life; you like a candle, burning yourself. Illuminate my future. Dear mother, thank you for all that you gave me, happy mother's Day!


  You have nurtured my soul and body with mother's love, your juice is the source of my thinking, and your eyes are the hope of my life. My mother, I don't know how to repay you.


  The years have burned your youth, but your care and encouragement will accompany me to the life of the wind and rain. Use my heart to smooth the wrinkles of your forehead, and to dye the white hair on your head with my feelings.


  There is a person, a silent word not to say, quietly watching you daze, silly smile, as long as you turn back will find her existence. Happy holiday, mom!


  You are a tree, leaning against the spring of your imagination, summer, leaning against you lush, fall against you mature, winter musters your meditation. Wish you: Happy Mother's Day!


  Remember to give my mother a warm wish. Oh, there are many words hidden in the mouth. There are many feelings hidden in the heart. There are many moves to express it bravely today. Bless our great mother.


  I thank you for giving me life, mom, thank you for bringing me up, and teaching me the truth of life. No matter what happens, you will always be my favorite mother.


  Mother's day, send blessings, wish mother, always happy, good health, enjoy more, the spirit of good, less trouble, more longevity, let mother happy, always healthy, happy life.


  There is no love in the world that can surpass your love. No flower can be more beautiful than you. No face is more beautiful than you. You have the most beautiful name in the world: Mommy!


  As the days go by, your belly grows bigger and bigger. I believe you must be very happy now. Here, I wish you a happy mother's day, and bless the baby's healthy growth.